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Below is the description of the instructions used in AIR scripts.

call: execution

This instruction is intended to launch the execution of a function. It works as follows:

  • The function is executed on the peer specified by the location parameter.
  • The peer is expected to have the WASM service specified by the service parameter.
  • The service must have a callable function specified be the function parameter.
  • The arguments specified by the argument list parameter are passed to the function.
  • The result of the function is saved and available under the name output name.
    The above example of the call instruction can be thought of as data.result = dht.put(key, value)

seq: sequential

The seq instruction takes two instructions as its arguments and executes them sequentially, one after the other.

par: parallel

The par instruction takes two instructions two instructions as its arguments and executes them in parallel.

fold: iteration

This instruction is intended for iterating over the elements of an array. It works as follows:

  • The fold instruction takes three arguments: an array, a variable, and an instruction.
  • At each iteration, the variable is assigned an element of the array and the argument-instruction is executed.
  • The argument-instruction can access the variable and uses the next statement to trigger the next iteration.

xor: branching & error handling

This instruction is intended for organizing branches in the flow of execution as well as for handling errors. It works as follows:

  • The xor instruction takes two instructions as its arguments.
  • The first instruction is executed.
    - If the execution is successful, then the second instruction is ignored.
    - If the first instruction fails, then the second one is executed.


This is an empty instruction: it takes no arguments and does nothing. The null instruction is useful for generating code.

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